The Boheh Stone

The Boheh Stone

In the year 2000 a sequence of photos were taken which illustrated the phenomenon that became known as ‘The Rolling Sun of Boheh’. Boheh is a townland close to Westport and home of the ‘Boheh Stone’. This stone is one of the best examples of Neolithic Rock Art in Britain and Ireland. The art consists of a series of cup marks and rings some say illustrate or signify our sun and are roughly dated to about 5000 years ago.

The angle of Croagh Patrick’s mountainside and the angle of the setting sun complement each other and gives the illusion of the sun rolling down the mountainside when viewed from the Boheh Stone. However, this phenomenon only occurs on the 18th of April and the 24th of August which together with the winter solstice, divide the year into three seasons. The period between the two dates above appear to be the growing season in Ireland and Europe at that time and the rolling of the sun was the sign for the farmers to set their seeds for the year ahead.

Today, with modern technology and changing seasonal weather patterns our farmers have adjusted their techniques and methods. However, we at Karma believe that the quality of our ingredients should be just as good as they were 5000 years ago. This means we strive to use the best natural ingredients we can lay our hands on such as oats, seeds and berries to handcraft our bars.

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