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At Karma we believe that it is our responsibility to behave in a way that is good for our consumers, our business partners, our workforce, the wider community and the planet.  It’s nice to be nice-right!

We aim to do business in a socially responsible manner by making healthy bars that are free from additives and preservatives and only contain natural ingredients.  We source locally so as to minimise our impact on the environment as well as supporting local communities.

HikerAll of our packaging is now eco-friendly.  All of our cardboard is sustainably sourced and recyclable as well as being Forest Stewardship Council (FSC) approved.  Furthermore, we have ditched the plastic wrapper in all our products and incorporated a fully bio-degradable and compostable wrapper instead.  This wrapper is made from plant fibers and can be composted thus fertilising the soil again.  This is a first for ‘on the go’ snack food in Ireland.  Every year 800 million tonnes of plastic finds its way to the ocean, damaging the environment, wildlife and US.  We are proactive on social media in educating the public on plastic pollution and the importance of composting our waste to reduce the amount going to landfill.

We have recently completed our Origin Green programme and are now verified members.  We are in the process of gathering data on our waste management, water output, emissions and energy consumption to determine a baseline for future reduction.  Also we aim to utilise a fleet of low-emissions vehicles from 2018.

Karma are proactive in the community and sponsor a number of local charities and events.  Some of our campaigns to date have been for Aware, Epilepsy Ireland, Mayo/Roscommon Hospice Foundation and  Amnesty International.  As our company grows so will the ambitions of our Corporate Social Responsibility department…..