Nourish Shop Wicklow Street, Dublin Town: New Karma Partner

That`s right, now you can find our delicious Karma gluten-free cereal bars at Nourish Health Store, in Wicklow Street, D2! We are delighted to announce this amazing partnership! Every single Karma partner is chosen carefully, so our amazing products are related just to the best brands. Our philosophy Eat Right, LIve right is present in every single product and brands that are working with us.

The story behind Nourish is pretty interesting! Started in 1986, when food stores were not a huge trend as they are nowadays. Finding healthy products in Dublin back there was some challenge, we would say. The years passed and today there are seven shops around Dublin, with amazing products, all chosen under the requirements of quality and eco-friendly consciousness. We are so proud of being part of this.

Nourish and Karma shares the same positioning: offering quality products in an ethical manner to clients and also to our planet. From our 100% compostable packaging (click here to know more) to the places we choose as partners, sustainability is so important to us as quality and delicious flavors.

You know you can always order all of our range of products here in our online shop as well! But if you wanna know this amazing shop you can also buy your Karma Gluten Free cereal bars there! The location is perfect, just a few steps from Grafton Street and you can also get to know their wonderful staff, always ready to help.

Wondering where exactly such a nice place is? Just click on the image below to check it out.

nourish gluten free health


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