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Plastic is destroying our planet. Once created it never goes away. A huge amount of this is unnecessary food wrapping material.

We want to get rid of plastic packaging completely for our existing and new products and switch to this new material.
To do this we need funding to help with the changeover which for a small business like ours is very costly and simply wouldn’t be possible without the support from you.
We have a small but very dedicated team and have always had sustainability as a core value to our business.
We want to succeed in business but not at the expense of the environment.
So this is our small bit to help. It can be yours too.

What we need

The money raised here will be used to design and purchase the new compostable packaging for our products that are due out shortly.We expect to release 3 new healthy snack bars in the near future and don’t want to do so in standard plastic packaging.

In return for your generous contribution you will get to be one of the first to get to taste our new products as they are released. There will be minty chocolate, coconut and a yet to be decided third. All will be gluten free, dairy free, vegan friendly and most importantly DELICIOUS…

You will also get named on our Thank You Wall, which you can visit anytime to remind yourself that YOU played a part in saving the planet!

Thank you.

Also please spread the word about this project, Tweet us, FB us, Snap Us or Stick us in an envelope and post us. It all helps…..

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