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The Boheh Stone

The Boheh Stone In the year 2000 a sequence of photos were taken which illustrated the phenomenon that became known as ‘The Rolling Sun of Boheh’. Boheh is a townland close to Westport and home of the ‘Boheh Stone’. This stone is one of the best examples of Neolithic Rock Art in Britain and Ireland....


Kaponik Ski Resort – A hidden gem

There’s nothing better than a couple of days away on the slopes; however, this can be an expensive endeavor. Kaponik ski resort is relatively cheaper alternatives to the better know resorts in Europe. Kaponik, located in south/central Serbia, is one of the largest mountain ranges in Serbia. Its highest point is 2,017m above sea level...


Lack of foods rich in folic acid to blame for birth defects rise

Another interesting article from the Independent now, looking at how lack of folic acid in a woman’s diet maybe leading to a rise in birth defects. Eilish O’Regan – Published 19 March 2014 Irish Independent Lack of foods rich in folic acid to blame for birth defects rise There has been a worrying increase in...


Scientists find more than grain of truth in benefits of porridge

Welcome to the ‘Karma Sunday Health Corner’, where every Sunday we post health related articles making the news during the week. Today’s post is an article from Laura Donnelly in the Irish Independent on new scientific evidence on how a special ingredient in oats may help clean arteries, protect against cancer and heart disease. Laura...



2014 NEW FRONTIERS ENTREPRENEUR PROGRAMME NOW RECRUITING! The 2014 New Frontiers Business Start-up Programme is now open for applications. We encourage you to share news of this exciting opportunity with your professional and personal contacts. Qualifying entrepreneurs will receive €15,000 in funding subject to satisfactory development reviews. We will be delivering Information Sessions in the...


Oats and reducing cholesterol

Oats and reducing cholesterol Check out this article from the Harvard Medical School, which places Oats at the top of a list of 11 foods most effective in reducing cholesterol levels. The Ivy League researchers have recommended that people turn to oat-based cereals to boast consumption of oats to the recommended level of 20 to...